Policy Resolution Portal

The Canadian Chamber Policy Resolution Portal is the nexus for the policy formation process of the Chamber Network. The portal is a collection, accessibility and collaboration tool that enables the entire network to engage in the process in real time.

We encourage you to identify the theme of your resolution early in the process. For instance, if your resolution is requesting tax relief for small business, the theme would be Finance - Taxation. Our purpose in asking this is to help forecast the number of resolutions in each category, connect chambers that are working on similar themes (avoiding duplication at the AGM) and to connect experts within the membership. We are also asking you to indicate your willingness to collaborate or partner the work you are undertaking.

To forecast the potential for longer debate on some items, we are requesting that you identify whether or not your resolution is aligned with current Canadian Chamber policy. If your resolution is diverging from current policy, we ask that you provide a brief rationale as to why the change is needed. Please review the policy books from previous years ( available in the advocacy section of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce website ) to verify alignment of messaging.

Instructions for Crafting Resolutions

Step 1 - Define the issue

What is the business problem or opportunity that needs to be addressed and what federal government action is required/desired?

Step 2 - Meet the four criteria

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce represents businesses of all sizes from all sectors and regions of Canada. Guided by our policy resolutions, the Canadian Chamber is a strong advocate for — and works to unite and serve — the best interests of the business community and all Canadians.

All resolutions must meet the following criteria:

  1. The resolution deals with an issue relevant to Canadian business that is within federal jurisdiction and is of national significance.
  2. The issue is current, timely and requires action.
  3. The resolution is complete, detailed and supported by factual information.
  4. The resolution does not align one sector, industry or region of Canada against another.
Step 3 - Format your resolution

Your resolutions must contain the following:

Step 4 - Review content

Review the resolution checklist, contained on the following pages, to ensure that your resolution has all the needed elements to ensure an informed debate at the annual meeting.

Step 5 - Submit on time

Submit your resolution by completing this form by the deadline of June 9, 2023.

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